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The Order 1886 Collectibles Locations – All Phonograph Cylinders, Newspapers, Photographs & Documents and Objects – PS4Trophies Gaming


The Order 1886 has 4 several types of collectibles. There are Phonograph Cylinders, Newspapers, Objects and Pictures & Paperwork. Finishing every set will reward the participant with a trophy after which lastly one other one for finding all of them.

Except the cylinders, you truly don’t decide them up. As an alternative, you examine them whenever you strategy them. The cylinders are literally picked. The newspapers, object, and photographs and docs are inspected. When you’re about 20 ft away from one, you will notice a small fingerprint icon indicating it’s an object you’ll be able to work together with apart from the cylinders which flash as an alternative.

This information is organized within the order you need to come throughout them within the recreation. There isn’t any in recreation tracker for any of the collectibles so when you miss one, you’ll not know until you comply with a information. Nevertheless, because you truly decide up the phonograph cylinders, you possibly can view them from the Archive menu from the pause display though you gained’t have the ability to see which of them you could have lacking.. You’ll be able to return and get any lacking collectibles via chapter choose and you can too choose which scene inside the chapter to additional remove the necessity for extreme replaying. The scene gained’t help you until you’re utilizing chapter choose as the sport gained’t inform you the place you’re.

*Notice* Many aims will mechanically take your character to a brand new location. Be sure to all the time get collectibles as quickly as you’re in a position.

Chapter 1


Scene – Ever Watchful
Directive – Meet with Igraine

Newspaper – When you enter the constructing, you will notice a gentleman wiping down a railing with stairs heading down simply previous him. On this similar room behind the man, examine the newspaper on the small desk behind him.

Photograph & Doc – Stroll down the steps within the room with the earlier newspaper. On the backside of the steps you will notice a desk with white material over it in entrance of you and on prime of that’s the photograph you’ll be able to examine.


Cylinder (Le Morte d’Arthur)– within the very subsequent room this will probably be alongside the proper wall after getting into it.


Photograph & Doc – After climbing down a ladder to road degree, proceed down the road just a bit bit and earlier than turning proper, look off to the left aspect of the wall and a doc can be sitting on prime of a rubbish can in a nook.


Object – Proceed onwards and earlier than you meet with Igraine you will notice some recent meals stands alongside the left. The item you should examine is a flask that will probably be on prime of a barrel.

 The Order 1886 Collectibles 5

Chapter 2


Scene – A Nice Thoughts
Directive – Discover Tesla’s Lab

Photograph & Doc – There are three collectibles on this space. Make sure you purchase every of those three earlier than speaking to Tesla. One doc is situated on the desk simply to the appropriate if you enter the room.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 6

Object – There’s a communicator on a desk within the middle of the world. Decide it as much as examine it.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 7

Photograph & Doc – The ultimate examine merchandise on this space is on a desk not far to the left of the item within the middle of the room.

 The Order 1886 Collectibles 8

Chapter three


Scene – Into Whitechapel
Directive – Get to the Hospital Undetected

Newspaper – The chapter will begin with you getting out of a carriage. When you get out, flip round and comply with the road heading in the direction of the proper till you discover a newspaper on prime of a field close to the top of the trail.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 9

Object – You’re companion and you’ll stroll up some stairs that to a doorway that’s boarded up. Your buddy will break by way of into the room and comply with him into the room and their shall be a pipe you’ll want to examine proper in entrance of you as you enter the room.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 10

Photograph & Doc – You’ll come throughout three males standing over a fourth one who’s laying on the bottom. There’s set of stairs heading up behind them and a few stairs heading right down to a shelter to the left of them. Take the left stairs down and on this subsequent room within the again will probably be a doc ready for inspection on prime of a crate with a latern subsequent to it.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 11

Scene – Insurgent Declamation
Directive – Head by way of the alleyway

Newspaper – You’ll finish your stroll by means of the alleyway with a door that you have to enter up a number of steps on the left. You’re informed by your companion that you simply “ought to head by way of this door”. It finally leads right into a brothel however to get discover this newspaper stroll previous the door to the lifeless finish forward and also you’ll discover this on a bit of wooden sitting on a barrel.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 12

Scene – A Home of Sick Reputation
Directive – You would not have an lively directive

Photograph & Doc – You’ll now end up in a brothel. Get this and the subsequent two collectibles earlier than speaking to the man on the backside of the steps on the far finish. Close to the doorway you will notice a spherical desk with somebody handed out at it. The photograph can be on this desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 13

Object – You will discover a French pouch object on the roulette desk within the middle of the primary flooring of the brothel.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 14

Photograph & Doc – Head in the direction of the underside of the steps and earlier than speaking to the man there, take a look at the small spherical tables simply to the left and you’ll discover a doc at an empty one.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 15

Scene – Good Occasions
Directive – Discover a strategy to the Hospital

Cylinder (The Anarchists 12.10.86)– In case you have been looking for the collectibles by yourself however are lacking one cylinder, that is in all probability the one. After leaving the brothel you’ll traverse throughout some rooftops. You’ll come to a purple constructing which you could bounce over too and climb up into. That is the place you flip the wheel and in addition the situation of the subsequent collectible. Once you bounce over to it, you’ll seize the ledge. Earlier than climbing up into the room, shimmy to the left and maintain going round and you’ll come to a chest on prime of a roof that you would be able to open and discover the cylinder.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 16

Cylinder (Sons and Daughters of Britain) – Head again and climb up into the constructing with the wheel that you want to flip. Inside this room within the again proper nook might be the place the cylinder is situated.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 17

Scene – The Puppet Queen
Directive – Discover a option to the Hospital

Photograph & Doc – After the massive scale encounter with a number of waves of enemies, you’ll need to maneuver a cart to offer you a ramp to leap as much as the subsequent part. Proceed ahead however as an alternative of continuous on the trail head to the left into the buildings the enemies from the earlier encounter the place coming from and you’ll discover a doc sitting on prime of a small field.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 19

Scene – The Eyes within the Sky
Directive – Rendezvous with Perceval and Igraine

Object – After the scene the place you work together with the Sentinel you’ll leap throughout a niche after which climb right into a constructing by way of a window. You’ll discover Sackboy…. sure… Sackboy, subsequent to the doorway heading out of the room.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 19

Scene – Insurgent Contraband
Directive – Get the constable inside

Photograph & Doc – This truly discovered within the room after you introduced the constable inside. After the temporary minimize scene you will notice a doc on the lengthy desk in the identical room.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 20

Scene – Roles Reversed
Directive – Plant thermite on the bridge

Newspaper – After the primary couple sections the place you could have the thermite gun, you’ll make your means up and right into a constructing. You’ll use a horizontal lamp publish to cross over to a balcony. Inside this constructing on the second flooring will probably be a newspaper sitting on a small desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 21

Chapter four


Scene – Whitechapel Underground
Directive – Discover one other solution to the exit

Photograph & Doc – After touring underground and eventually attending to the hospital you will notice a physique on the bottom you’ll be able to work together with. Behind this room up a half dozen steps shall be a doc sitting on a desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 22

Scene – Whitechapel Underground
Directive – Discover one other solution to the exit

Photograph & Doc – The ultimate 4 collectibles on this chapter are all within the insurgent hideout. After you place your feminine counterpart within the mattress it is possible for you to to freely search this space. Earlier than doing something, ensure you seize or examine this and the subsequent three gadgets. The primary photograph is on the left aspect of the room on a cupboard beneath a purple flag.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 23

Photograph & Doc – Within the middle of the insurgent hideout on a desk subsequent to the pillar with the hearth extinguisher hooked up to it.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 24

Cylinder (All By way of the Night time) – Behind the insurgent hideout is a door you must lockpick to enter. As quickly as you enter the room the cylinder shall be sitting on the desk in entrance of you.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 25

Cylinder (The Anarchists 29.09.86) – On the bottom 5 ft away from the earlier cylinder is a chest sitting on the bottom that you would be able to open to seek out this cylinder.

 The Order 1886 Collectibles 26

Chapter 5


Scene – Guidelines of Engagement
Directive – Disrupt energy to the magnetic lock

Object – When you get on board the airship, you’ll proceed ahead. There shall be a ladder heading up that shall be in entrance of you and a path to the left and proper. You need to go left to disrupt the facility, however for those who go to the top of the trail to the correct you’ll discover a “demise lure.”

The Order 1886 Collectibles 27

Scene – Commandeered
Directive – Head to the ballroom undetected

Cylinder (Agamemnon Christening) – After taking the airship, you’ll head to the ballroom and have to sneak and stealth kill enemies. You’ll come as much as an space the place you possibly can see a pair guys in one other room in entrance of you with a selection of a left and proper path. Going left will lead you to a lifeless finish however it should let you take one other cylinder.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 28

Newspaper – After utilizing two silent takedowns on the enemies close to the earlier cylinder, you’ll comply with the trail and see a big yellow container on the flip within the path. Proper earlier than that you will notice tiny rooms to the left and the correct and when you go into the left room you will see that the newspaper.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 29

Directive – Discover the insurgent saboteurs

Cylinder (Evacuation Procedures) – After the entire ballroom fiasco, you may be ship to seek out insurgent saboteurs. You may be lead via a door and can see a cylinder on the fitting desk with the inexperienced felt on prime.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 30

Photograph & Doc – From the earlier room with the cylinder, you will notice a locked door that you’ll achieve entry into. On this subsequent space you can see a doc on the counter within the far finish on the best together with a number of weapons and ammo.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 31

Scene – Divided
Directive – Discover the insurgent saboteurs

Photograph & Doc – That is proper after the part within the kitchen. When you get separated out of your associate, take the trail to the correct and also you’ll discover this on a picket cart within the nook.

 The Order 1886 Collectibles 32

Chapter 9


Scene – Distrust
Directive – Comply with Lakshmi

Photograph & Doc – We skipped a number of chapters as a consequence of them not containing any collectibles. The primary one in chapter 9 is on the very starting once you enter the mines. This shall be sitting on a desk with some mild shining on it.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 33

Cylinder (The Anarchists 16.10.86) – That is one other you might probably miss by yourself. After you push the primary mine cart down the tracks, don’t proceed on simply but. There’s one other tunnel heading again the best way you got here in case you flip round and keep proper. On the finish of this tunnel is a chest containing the cylinder.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 34

Scene – Distrust
Directive – Discover a approach to the road

Object – After pushing a second mine cart you will want to make your approach as much as the road. Earlier than climbing up, look on the other aspect of the construction to your left and you can find a software you should examine.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 35

Scene – Wounded
Directive – Discover a method out of the foundry

Photograph & Doc – You will see your self right into a sealed room that may require you to tug a sequence to start out the method of escaping the room. There’s a door to the left of the room and simply previous it alongside the wall can be photograph on a picket desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 36

Cylinder (Cable From the New Continent) – That is on the other aspect of the door close to the earlier photograph. You will want to entry this space from the walkway up excessive. When you make it to the opposite aspect of the door ensure that to first decide up this Cylinder.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 37

Newspaper – After you lastly depart the foundry you will notice the lady ready for you close to the blue cart with the pink wheels. Don’t go close to her till you loop across the left aspect of the constructing the place you will see that this newspaper.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 38

Scene – The Plot Thickens
Directive – There’s no goal

Pictures & Paperwork – You’ll make your means into a really nicely stored and delightful constructing with wood flooring and partitions. Within the first build up on the second flooring is an workplace with a photograph behind the workplace chair.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 39

Object – Once you make your means throughout to the second constructing you will see that one other workplace up on the second flooring in entrance of you as you enter the constructing. On this workplace on the left aspect is a ship from the fleet which you can look at.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 40

Scene – The Plot Thickens
Directive – Get to the dry dock

Cylinder (Cargo Inspection Log)– You’ll now have the directive to Get to the dry dock. Go right down to the primary flooring of the constructing and don’t exit but. Make your means round to a different workplace that you’ll have to lock decide to get into. There will probably be a cylinder behind the room.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 41

Scene – Munition Room
Directive – Take out the guards

Photograph & Doc – After eliminating the guards on the ship and across the dock, you’ll enter a munition room. On this room there will probably be two collectibles. The primary doc is on the primary flooring within the nook of the room on a desk underneath yellowish lighting.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 42

Photograph & Doc – When you get the earlier collectible go up the steps and on the prime of them will probably be a photograph to examine.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 43

Scene – The Warehouse
Directive – Seek for the corporate’s insignia on crates

Photograph & Doc – When you attain the warehouse you will have to discover a crate with purple lettering on it. As quickly as you enter the warehouse, flip to the proper and you will notice a doc subsequent to the massive purple tank on a crate.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 44

Object – In the identical room because the earlier doc. That is on the other aspect of the room from the place you enter the room alongside the wall on a desk beneath the cork board.

 The Order 1886 Collectibles 45

Chapter 11


Scene – The United India Home
Directive – No Goal

Newspaper – There’s no directive at the start of the 11th chapter, however you will have to strategy a home. As soon as you’re let in go straight ahead and in entrance of you’ll be the newspaper. Ensure that to seize this and the subsequent one earlier than grabbing the crossbow.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 46

Photograph & Doc – Within the subsequent room from the Newspaper simply as you enter on the fitting aspect on the desk. Be sure that to seize this earlier than interacting with weapon on the opposite aspect of the room.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 47

Scene – The United India Home
Directive – Comply with Lucan

Cylinder (The Anarchists 17.10.86) – There’s two paths you’ll be able to take to this merchandise. At one level it is advisable to swing on a lamp publish to succeed in the other aspect. Both earlier than doing that or after, you’ll need to make your approach down and round and there shall be a chest underneath the steps you possibly can open for the cylinder.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 48

Scene – Covert Mission
Directive – No Directive however it’s the place you must discover backyard key

Newspaper – After you have discovered the important thing to entry the gate within the backyard, head down the steps to the place it’s situated. Reverse of the gate is a small room with ammo and the Newspaper. Make sure that to seize it earlier than going interacting with the gate.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 49

Scene – Covert Mission
Directive – Clear the west wing

Photograph & Doc – After the backyard space you’ll lock decide a door. On the opposite aspect of it you’ll instantly begin this directive and proper in entrance of you is the photograph. It’s arduous to overlook this one.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 50

Scene – Not a Second to Quickly
Directive – Infiltrate the Unite India Home

Object – After going again outdoors you’ll save the woman from a “can be” attacker. After a brief dialog together with her proceed just a bit additional and off to the best you will notice a door with a light-weight above it. Enter the room and you will discover the ultimate object and earn the Energy of Remark trophy in the event you acquired all of the objects up so far.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 51

Cylinder (Information From the East Indies) – When you enter the constructing you’ll have to filter out a ton of enemies. After doing that you’ll head down some stairs and undergo a door. Pay attention to the door you possibly can break into that’s in entrance of you. Earlier than that door alongside the correct wall is the cylinder out within the open.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 52

Photograph & Doc – A couple of ft away from the cylinder is a door you’ll be able to break into. When you enter the room you will notice a photograph proper in entrance of you on a desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 53

Scene – Peacekeeper
Directive – Infiltrate the Unite India Home

Cylinder (Ramayana, First Verse) – You’ll run up some winding white stairs and undergo a door. You’re suppose to take an exit to the proper and head again outdoors. Earlier than you do this take a look at the lengthy desk within the room and go to the other aspect of it and you will notice the cylinder on the far finish.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 54

Newspaper – After your encounter out within the courtyard from the second flooring you’ll head again inside. On this room alongside the proper aspect of the room might be a newspaper on a desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 55

Scene – Discovering Proof
Directive – Search the archives

Photograph & Doc – On this room, there are 4 collectibles. You MUST get this earlier than looking the remainder of the room otherwise you danger the story advancing you routinely to a brand new room. Whenever you first enter this room you can see a doc alongside the left wall on a desk.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 56

Cylinder (The Captain’s Testomony) – Keep alongside the left aspect of the room and see giant bookcases protruding out into the room in the direction of the railing. Go to the bottom of the final one and open the drawer and also you’ll discover a cylinder inside.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 57

Photograph & Doc – Within the far finish of the room reverse of the place you entered from is a desk with a photograph on it you could examine.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 58

Cylinder (Chopin, Prelude in E-minor, ‘Dying Away’) – The ultimate collectible within the archives is again close to the start. In the event you circled proper from the place you entered will probably be in a cupboard within the first bookcase you come to.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 59

Chapter 15


Scene – A Path Seldom Walked
Directive – Get to Tesla’s lab

Newspaper – Comply with the trail and you’ll enter a big room with 4 exits. One you got here from, two which are locked and one which leads you additional in. As you enter you will see a Newspaper within the again left nook between the 2 lock paths. If in case you have acquired all Newspapers up so far, choosing this up will earn you the Properly-Learn trophy.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 60

Photograph & Doc – You’ll enter a door that takes you into the catacombs. As quickly as you enter flip to the left and enter the small space to the left and a doc might be on a crate.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 61

Cylinder (The Anarchists 29.11.86) – The ultimate cylinder goes to be shortly after you encounter some resistance. You’ll first enter a room with simply two guys. Within the subsequent room there shall be a half dozen extra. As soon as these are lifeless you’ll take the trail out and attain a cut up within the path. Keep left and you’ll run right into a chest containing the cylinder. Since that is the ultimate cylinder, you’ll earn the Archivist trophy.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 62

Photograph & Doc – The ultimate collectible shall be just a little additional in after a really giant encounter with two units of reinforcements adopted by one other smaller encounter within the subsequent space. Proceed on from there and you’ll ultimately attain a blocked doorway with wooden planks overlaying it. Earlier than busting via that, take the pathway the runs to the suitable of it and one can find a photograph on the finish of it. You’ll now earn the Detailed Oriented trophy for locating all photographs and paperwork in addition to Inspector Firstclass for locating all examine gadgets.

The Order 1886 Collectibles 63