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Tales Of Vesperia Guide: How To Complete Secret Missions


Need extra Grade, loot — in addition to a little bit of an occasional additional problem — out of your boss fights in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Version? Then how about making an attempt to finish a few of the recreation’s Secret Missions?

What Are Secret Missions?

Secret Missions, because the identify suggests, are hidden mission aims that may be accomplished throughout boss fights in trade for additional Grade and rewards after the battle is over. As they’re secret, their existence isn’t made conscious to you at first of the sport and also you’ll most probably probability upon one sooner or later — prompting you to understand that you simply’ve missed a number of up till that time. Luckily, you do have the choice of retrying these missions at a later level within the recreation for those who missed them.

Okay, How Do I Full Them?

There are 25 Secret Missions in complete, starting from aims which are pretty intuitive to principally inconceivable to determine until you get fortunate or learn a information (this one!) prematurely.


Right here’s what they’re:

*Compulsory Spoiler Warning*

Secret Mission 1 (Zagi) – “Defeat Zagi whereas defending Estellise from Zagi’s assault.”

Thankfully, the primary Secret Mission is one you’re more likely to get naturally. Simply use Yuri to always pound on Zagi, thus forcing him to maintain his consideration on you always. It additionally helps to set Estellise to “Keep Away” and “Concentrate on Restoration” within the Technique tab mid-battle so she stays as distant as attainable whereas casting “First Help” and never get any humorous concepts when there’s no therapeutic to be executed.

Secret Mission 2 (Goliath) – “Down Goliath by attacking its Achilles’ Heel whereas it fees X-Buster.”

Discover how one in every of Goliath’s ft is smaller than the opposite with one thing resembling a glowing rock protruding of it? Properly, every time it’s charging its “X-Buster” arte (it is going to cross its arms in entrance itself in an “X” sample), merely use Free Run to go behind and assault the foot in query to knock it over.

Secret Mission three (Gattuso) – “Use the billybally crops to stun Gattuso.”

A easy Secret Mission for a troublesome boss. In concept, all you need to do is have Gattuso get hit by the spores launched by the varied billybally crops to stun it, ideally through the use of Yuri’s Azure Edge every time the 2 are close to a plant and the chance presents itself. The issue? Gattuso is famend for being probably the most troublesome bosses within the collection relative to when it’s encountered. Fairly than finishing the Secret Mission, the actual problem shall be merely surviving the encounter (tip: “Fireball” and “Destruction Area” are big right here).

Secret Mission four (Zagi Spherical 2) – “Lure Zagi to the sting of the ship and knock him overboard.”

That is the primary Secret Mission that you simply’re more likely to miss because of how obscure the target is. In an effort to full this one, all it’s a must to do is lure Zagi to the sting of the boat after which use Over Restrict whereas he’s within the air upon utilizing “Mild Spear” or “Cyclone Shot” to ship him flying into the ocean (word: he comes again).

Secret Mission 5 (Dreaded Big) – “Down the Dreaded Big when it rears again and leaves itself vast open.”

Just like the Goliath Secret Mission, this one would require you to topple the boss because it stands up straight on its hind legs in preparation for one in every of its assaults. Do remember that the boss may have Iron Stance lively whereas doing so, so make sure you use multi-hitting artes like Yuri’s Cerberus Strike to interrupt by means of the armor.

Secret Mission 6 (Gigalarva) – “Use Serpent with Raven to stop Gigalarva from therapeutic.”

See that pool of water(?) as you’re preventing Gigalarva? Properly, it’s going to use its tail to drink from that pool as soon as its well being is low sufficient. As a way to cease this, you’ll have to deliver Raven within the struggle with you and have him use his Serpent arte when the boss tries to publish up by the water(?).

Secret Mission 7 (Barbos) – “Take out the bridge help to cease Barbos from calling in additional of his thugs.”

As a pacesetter of a guild, Barbos has the power to name upon his underlings for assist when you’re preventing him. So as to cease him from doing so — and full the Secret Mission — merely destroy all 4 of the bridge helps that his reinforcements would in any other case use to enter the world when he requires them. Truthfully, you’d in all probability do that even when there wasn’t a Secret Mission concerned.

Secret Mission eight (Cursed Wanderer Spherical 1) – “Strike down the Cursed Wanderer whereas it’s reloading.”

This Secret Mission is a brand new one added within the PlayStation three model of the sport. With a purpose to full it, merely hit the boss whereas he reloads his gun after he does the arte the place he jumps into the air and spins whereas capturing a number of occasions. Completed.

Secret Mission 9 (Zagi Spherical three) – “Permit Zagi to soak up an excessive amount of magic and destroy his Bodhi Blastia.”

One other counterintuitive Secret Mission involving Zagi. This time, you must permit him to heal himself utilizing the blastia on his arm till it overloads and explodes. A simple method to full that is to have your social gathering chorus from hitting him whereas Rita casts “Fireball” to expedite the therapeutic course of.

Secret Mission 10 (Pteropus) – “Defeat the Chief Bat and stop Pretopus from recombining.”

Your success on this Secret Mission will rely largely in your workforce’s capability for aerial fight and skill to lock enemies down. As soon as Pteropus reaches a specific amount of well being, it can cut up into a number of Assault Bats, Magic Bats, and one Chief Bat. Discover the Chief Bat (it’s inexperienced and flies at a better altitude than the opposite bats), then burst it down earlier than the boss has an opportunity to reform. Judith (excels at aerial fight), Raven (ranged assaults, boosted stats by way of Chivalry) and Rita (“Stone Blast,” “Stalagmite” and “Splash”) are all welcome additions right here.

Secret Mission 11 (Outbreaker) – “Destroy the core and stop magic from inverting day and night time.”

As its well being depletes, the boss will sometimes launch an orb that may change the time from day to nighttime, altering it’s elemental affinity within the course of. Your goal right here is to destroy the orb through the use of both Yuri’s “Severing Fang,” Rita’s “Tractor Beam” or Judith to cease this from occurring. Ideally, you’ll need to destroy the orb when it’s nighttime in an effort to absolutely reap the benefits of the boss’ weak spot to fireside utilizing Yuri’s Flamberge weapon and Rita’s hearth spells.

Secret Mission 12 (Belius) – “Mild all candlesticks to remove the illusions of Belius.”

This boss is a comparatively straightforward one, however issues develop into considerably harder as soon as Belius’ well being reaches a sure level and she or he creates a clone of herself. In an effort to immediately take away the clone and put the battle again on “fairer floor,” merely use a fireplace elemental arte on the 4 candlesticks dispersed alongside the sting of the world. A simple method to get this finished is to make use of Yuri’s “Destruction Subject” to do a lot of the work, whereas Rita fires off a fast “Fireball” to complete the job.

Secret Mission 13 (Nan and Tison) – “Time your strikes between Nan and Tison to knock them each down.”

Through the battle towards Nan and Tison, they’ll each sometimes do artes (“Rending Slash” and “Dragon Blade: Creation,” respectively) that trigger their weapon to grow to be caught within the floor, leaving them off-balance for a quick interval of a time. Merely get in a couple of strong hits throughout that interval and the Secret Mission can be accomplished. Additionally, it’s value noting that Nan can use therapeutic and resurrection spells, so it might be in your greatest curiosity to take her out first.

Secret Mission 14 (Schwann) – “Down Schwann by attacking when he clutches his coronary heart after his mystic arte.”

A reasonably simple Secret Mission, actually. Merely look forward to Schwann to make use of his Mystic Arte after which use the Get well talent (you’ve gotten it outfitted, proper!?) to right away rise up earlier than operating over to him and knocking him over utilizing an arte like Yuri’s Azure Storm. Do remember that he  has a defend although, so be ready to interrupt via that first.

Secret Mission 15 (Zagi Spherical four) – “Use Karol’s Good Restoration Smash arte to drive Zagi to recuperate from poison.”

Zagi once more with one other counterintuitive Secret Mission — it’s a simple one this time round although. Simply use Karol’s “Good Restoration Smash” to heal Zagi’s poison as soon as he applies it to himself.

Secret Mission 16 (Baitojoh) – “Hit Baitojoh 3 times throughout its Ice Edge assault and fish it out of the water.”

Look ahead to Baitojoh’s fin for the Ice Edge assault, and whenever you see it, hit it. When you can hit it earlier than “Ice Edge” is full 3 times, then the Secret Mission might be a hit. For a neater time, attempt utilizing ranged assaults so you possibly can react instantly every time Baitojoh’s fin surfaces.

Secret Mission 17 (Estellise) – “Use Mom’s Memento in Yuri’s battle towards Estellise”

All it’s a must to do is use the suitable merchandise and also you’re set. The arduous half? Truly discovering it. Mom’s Memento is an merchandise gifted to you by Estellise throughout a scene in Mantaic after resting on the inn. Should you do have it, merely use it through the second part of the battle when it’s simply Yuri towards Estellise and also you’re golden.

Secret Mission 18 (Yeager) – “Make Yeager’s coronary heart explode through the use of Raven’s Rain arte.”

That is the toughest Secret Mission within the recreation, requiring you to not solely hit the boss at a selected second, but in addition forcing you to do it with a selected character’s arte. To start out, you’ll must be on the second part of the encounter earlier than you possibly can even try finishing the target. As soon as there, you’ll need to activate Degree 1 or 2 Over Restrict with Yuri, and strike him slowly sufficient for him to protect. As soon as he does, proceed to spam Destruction Subject whereas he has an axe outfitted till Yeager’s guard breaks and clutches his coronary heart. From there, instantly change to Raven and have him use his “Rain” arte to make Yeager’s coronary heart explode.

Secret Mission 19 (Alexei) – “Down Alexei by attacking him when he’s drained after his mystic arte.”

Maybe as a bid to get again in your good aspect after Secret Mission 18, this one is a simple one which works precisely like Secret Mission 14. In different phrases, look forward to Alexei to make use of his “Sensible Cataclysm” Mystic Arte, instantly get well, after which run as much as him and get right down to enterprise.

Secret Mission 20 (Cursed Wanderer Spherical 2) – “Use the Maris Stella in the course of the struggle.”

Very very similar to Secret Mission 17 with Estellise, however this time you need to use the merchandise in query instantly. As for its location, you get the Maris Stella in Zaude by approaching the middle gate earlier than unlocking it with a purple orb.

Secret Mission 21 (Guisos) – “Assault Guisos’s tail then down him whereas he stands on his hind legs.”

As soon as once more, this Secret Mission is harking back to an earlier one — Secret Mission 5. This time, merely assault its tail, which can trigger it to go on its hind legs and pound its chest, after which him together with your strongest assaults to knock him over as soon as he does. A simple option to obtain that is by merely utilizing Free Run to get behind him, activating Over Restrict after which spamming multi-hitting artes.

Secret Mission 22 (Khroma Dragon) – “Down Khroma by timing your strikes between sure assaults of hers.”

You’ll doubtless get this even for those who have been unaware of the specifics, however for many who need to know them, you then’ll need to purpose for when Khroma causes rocks to fall down from the ceiling or when she slams down from the bottom. As soon as both of those happens, merely hit her together with your strongest assaults to interrupt her guard and knock her over.

Secret Mission 23 (Flynn) – “Let Flynn use each arte he can, together with his mystical arte.”

Throughout your duel with Flynn, you’ll need to let him do each single arte in his arsenal — together with his therapeutic and Mystic artes — earlier than profitable.

Here’s a full listing of hs talents (he has 16 talents within the present model, versus the unique 12…thanks):

  • Demon Fang
  • Sonic Thrust
  • Tiger Blade
  • Hell Hearth Blade
  • Dragon Swarm
  • Beast
  • Shining Falcon
  • ??? (I’ve the Japanese identify…you don’t need that although)
  • Severing Blade
  • Rising Falcon
  • Demonic Chaos
  • First Help (Heal)
  • Guardian Area (Heal)
  • Holy Lance (Spell Arte)
  • Luminant Scythe (Spell Arte)
  • Radiant Dragon Fang (Mystic Arte)

For reference, he gained’t use his therapeutic spells until he’s weakened and also you let him, and he’ll solely use his Mystic Arte as a counter to yours. Thankfully, you’ll get a cutscene letting you realize that he’s achieved all of the strikes in his arsenal, so there’s no danger of you finishing the struggle per ordinary solely to comprehend on the outcomes display that the Secret Mission was incomplete.

Secret Mission 24 (Zagi Spherical 5) – “Down Zagi by attacking him after he will get exhausted from Blastia Bane.”

Very very similar to Secret Missions 14 and 19, besides you don’t have to fret about getting hit by a Mystic Arte beforehand. Merely watch for Zagi to make use of his “Blastia Bane” arte, after which knock him over with an arte of your personal.

Secret Mission 25 (Duke) – “Defeat Duke utilizing a mystic arte.”

Defeat Duke whereas he’s in his second type utilizing a Mystic Arte. Easy. Simply remember to whittle him down and to not overestimate your injury, in order to not end up dealing with down a weakened Duke with a smidgen of well being left as a result of your Mystic Arte failed to complete the job.

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