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Resident Evil 2 Guide: How to Beat The 4th Survivor (plus Tofu)

Welcome, pricey survivor, to Resident Evil 2‘s final check of power. For generations, The 4th Survivor has been one of many biggest challenges in the complete collection, focusing not on fight, however on the dexterity of your reflexes and planning. Moving into the boots of USS Soldier HUNK, we’re tasked with escaping to the RPD’s entrance gate whereas wading via a sea of the undead and worse. With Resident Evil 2 Remake, that problem has grown tenfold with its new and improved 4th Survivor Mode. Difficult, irritating, and exhilarating to beat, it shortly turned certainly one of my favourite elements of RE2 Remake. As it’s so difficult,  I’ve seen many different gamers say they’ve merely given up on it. No extra! That is warfare, and survival could also be your duty, however that doesn’t imply that the Grim Reaper can’t make do with somewhat assist to make it by way of this! Right here, I’ve laid out my methods for finishing this gauntlet of the lifeless, with some added notes in your second run as the last word meat substitute, Tofu. I hope you discover it helpful!

Proper off the bat, you’re thrust into the thick of battle. Nicely, not battle per se, as there are just a few situations the place I might advocate preventing. This mode is constructed round evasion and strategic use of weapons over making an attempt to take out enemies. In the event you attempt to kill each enemy, you’ll die. Right here I’ve made some (crude, however what are you able to do) maps on how greatest to evade zombies and different enemies. A few of the enemies have barely unpredictable timing, so be sharp and keep able to make corrections to your path on the fly. By and enormous, although, this pathway has reliably led me to the end a number of occasions throughout each PC and PS4. That stated, in case you have any stratagies which have helped you, be happy to share them under!


Simply after your slide down out of your spawn level (and the “My extraction!” dialog), HUNK can be dropped into this hallway, with heaps of rubbish on both aspect of him. Whereas there’s a door to your left, it’s sealed, so don’t hassle. Cost straight forward and don’t cease shifting, whilst zombies rise. Maintain to the proper, hugging the rubbish (however not so tight that you simply’re actively operating towards the trash, slowing you down). There are three zombies in your speedy path, however you possibly can outmaneuver them when you hold shifting. One among them might do this ‘double lunge’ factor they often do as you move, however in the event you maintain operating ahead they gained’t get you; don’t be alarmed in the event that they do, it most certainly means you ran into one thing alongside the best way and misplaced a second of your head begin. Should you do get injured, don’t heal but.

The zombie on the far finish of the corridor, proper earlier than you step up onto the ledge, is the primary zombie value killing. Take out your shotgun and pop his dome. It’s just a bit too onerous to keep away from injury (he may even chew onto your leg after you mantle the ledge) and you don’t want to waste a protection merchandise this early on. When you’re up on the ledge, make your means up the steps.

TOFU STRATS: Cost instantly into the arms of the zombie you capped as HUNK. It’s higher to be grabbed from the entrance and use a knife to get out of it than to be grabbed from behind whereas making an attempt to rise up the ledge and take an avoidable hit.

Maintain going up the steps, after which up the ladder (you’ll be able to see the Umbrella tram from right here). The room past has zombie canine inside, which may be tough however not inconceivable. Hold a proper simply as you enter after which transfer to the left, across the canine subsequent to the empty raise shaft. He’ll go charging previous you, and the zombie canine that was to the left of the doorway will leap previous as properly. As soon as the second canine lands/is in any other case out of the best way, cost ahead and down the raise shaft. Instantly flip round and drop right down to the subsequent degree.

That is the place issues begin to get tough. You possibly can (and will) simply cost previous the group of zombies chowing down, and head to the left, out of the room. The Remedy Pool Room turns into troublesome because of the variety of zombie canine that spawn right here. You will have a few choices, however first issues first, pull out your magnum and blow the zombie subsequent to the bridge’s head off as quickly as you see it. It’s simpler than losing well being or a protection merchandise. Remember that the canine will begin charging in one after the other throughout the bridge. Swap to your machine gun, and kill them as they arrive. They’re just too unpredictable in comparison with zombies, and there’s too nice an opportunity of getting mauled and dropping a ton of well being right here. Attempt to take them down separately, and don’t spray and pray; you’ll be able to’t get extra ammo so every bullet is sacred. Decide your targets and put them down like… properly, like canine. You may nonetheless take a chew or two, however don’t panic. Don’t heal both, because the optimum level for therapeutic continues to be just a little methods off. In case you get down into Hazard, it’s truthfully value utterly restarting. Even stepping into Warning is type of pushing it, so attempt your greatest to take down the puppers earlier than they get a chew in. When you dip down into that kind of murky-colored Fantastic, don’t fear about it. On the different finish of the bridge, there’s a lone zombie together with his again turned to you. Cost previous him to the suitable, not the left, and he’ll swing round to attempt to seize you, however he’ll be too late. Flip to the proper after which enter the door to the left and head down the steps.

TOFU STRATS: This one is even trickier as our favourite protein brick. Because you don’t have any actual weapons, cost straight into the zombie you shot with Magnum, and use a knife. The canine are the actually robust a part of this equation, although, since you haven’t any method of truly preventing them with out instantly taking injury. Do your greatest to cost ahead throughout the bridge, hugging the best so you possibly can keep away from the zombie on the finish the identical approach you probably did as HUNK. You’ll greater than probably take one or two hits regardless although, so attempt to not panic. Worst case state of affairs you get down into Hazard, at which level I’d advocate you simply restart.

This subsequent half might sound daunting, however don’t fear. 90% of those zombies might be totally prevented. Head down the steps and run straight ahead after which grasp a left. There’s a crawling zombie on the ground that you simply’ll need to keep away from. Now there ought to be a second set of stairs instantly forward, run down them. A zombie staggers to its ft within the middle of them, however ignore him. In case you hold shifting, he gained’t have the time to seize you by the character of how lengthy the “getting up” animation takes. Whenever you attain the underside of the steps, run straight ahead into the gang of zombies which might be all getting up, don’t cease as a result of there’s a zombie hiding simply to the left of the doorway on the backside of the steps and also you’ll take injury you’ll be able to’t keep away from in any other case. Once you cost into the zombies, hold a left to cross the bridge — one will in all probability nonetheless get a seize on you (in my expertise, in all probability the zed that’s already standing up, on the bridge). That is nice so long as they seize you from the entrance. Use a knife to get out of their grip, and hold shifting. Cross the bridge, flip left, and head ahead and up the steps.

Get able to heal pals! If you attain the highest of the steps, flip left and hop off the ledge and into the water. Flip proper, and run ahead. You’ll come to a fork within the street, take the trail on the correct. A G-Grownup shall be ready for you, however he isn’t your drawback — a second, swooping in unseen from the left, is. Doing that charging beneath the floor factor, he’ll run straight for you. Hug the wall to your proper, however don’t fear, both him or the G-Grownup you would already see will seize you, and consider it or not — take the puke. That’s proper, let that sucker chunder throughout your face and poison you. Unsure how HUNK continues to be getting poisoned via a masks designed particularly to maintain out toxins, however I assume it’s an air filter, not a liquid one. Anyway, as soon as the G-Grownup is completed barfing on you, reorient your self (don’t let your self get rotated, be sure to’re nonetheless heading down the correct fork within the path) and begin going. Whereas poisoned, your motion is extraordinarily hampered, so open your stock and use that Blue+Inexperienced Herb combo that’s been sitting there conspicuously. It will remedy your poison, and heal you a tiny bit. When you managed to get so far unharmed, that’s the most effective case state of affairs, however should you did take a couple of hits, you’ll greater than probably be in Warning after utilizing the combo. This isn’t an enormous concern, so don’t fear that a lot about it, nevertheless it does imply you’ll should be slightly extra in your toes. Maintain operating, and switch proper to mantle the ledge.

TOFU STRATS: Similar deal, however this time mix the Purple and Blue herbs and take it earlier than even operating into the G-Adults. Whereas this could’t heal you, it’ll each utterly nullify any poison injury taken from the G-Grownup puke and offer you a injury resistance increase for the subsequent jiffy.

This half shouldn’t be too arduous, however don’t take it flippantly. When you’re up on the ledge, head up the brief set of stairs and grasp a proper, ignoring the zombie (regardless that he’s a member of HUNK’s USS workforce, very unhappy certainly) that’s getting up immediately on the prime of the steps. Head proper once more, up the steps, then left up the subsequent set of stairs — however hugging the proper slightly bit. Cost straight ahead after which curve round to the fitting, avoiding the zombie simply to the suitable of the highest of the steps. Swing round into the primary doorway in your proper, and into the Employee’s Break Room, and into the elevator. Hit the button, and take heed to the bitchin’ music when you get this temporary second to relaxation.

Once more, this space appears daunting, however it’s a cinch. Make a left as you exit the elevator, then flip proper and up the steps. Flip left and enter the room. A number of zombies will begin getting up within the darkness, however hold a cool head and cost straight ahead and grasp a left as you get barely previous the center level of the room, hold turning left, and also you’ll go up the steps and out of this shitshow.

Now it’s getting critical. Sorta. On the prime of the steps, make a proper, then one other proper, and run down the corridor. You’ll see a Licker on the far finish, and as soon as he senses you, he’ll come scuttling. Don’t fiddle with him, pull out the magnum and pop him proper then and there. It takes Three-Four photographs in my expertise, however put that sucker down. When you can keep away from him at first, he’ll flip round and chase you and it’s method more durable to keep away from him from behind, so I’d advocate killing him outright. Why undergo the additional stress, you already know? When you’re previous the Licker, flip proper and head for the doorway. A zombie is attending to its ft proper in the midst of the platform however ignore him. As soon as within the doorway, flip left and hold operating. There’s a zombie getting up proper in entrance of the exit to this small room as properly, however once more, ignore him and run round, shifting ahead and to the left, up the steps.

Maintain shifting by way of the room on the prime of the steps, and don’t cease. Neither zombie on this room (to the fitting of the doorway and to the best of the exit) may have sufficient time to even discover you in case you maintain shifting. Flip left and run throughout the bridge, turning proper and making your approach to the Operator’s Room. This room is full of zombies and zombie canine, however swing to the left and in the direction of the ladder, and none of them ought to have time to assault. One of many canine may nip at you, however it must be nice until you have been already in Warning, which might ship you into Hazard — dangerous information, and it’s as much as you if you wish to use the First Assist Spray right here or simply restart (each are legitimate in my expertise, is determined by how a lot you assume you possibly can afford one therapeutic merchandise much less). Head up the ladder after you’ve made your selection.

TOFU STRATS: That is virtually inconceivable to get out of with out taking injury. The Licker will all the time swipe out together with his proper hand, so keep to his left (your proper) to run previous him. Nevertheless, remember that he’ll instantly be in your tail and greater than doubtless get successful in as you’re making an attempt to run away. Should you’ve been preserving the tempo up, although, that Purple+Blue combine protection ought to nonetheless be in impact, and will maintain you from getting too harm. Remember although, when you have been already in Warning it’s very doubtless that it will put you in peril, which isn’t the well being you need to be in proper now.

Now we’re moving into some jukes. This space has lots of zombies, however they’re positioned very intentionally. Rush previous the 2 zombies in your left, and curve across the zombie standing up in your proper, after which transfer to the appropriate. There are two zombies standing immediately in your path. Transfer shut sufficient to get their consideration, however not get grabbed, after which transfer again a step or two (keep conscious that there are nonetheless zombies behind you in fact), after which run to the left and round each of the zombies, now that they’ve moved out of your approach. Run between the 2 automobiles, and switch left on the pillar. There’s a zombie right here, however simply use a protection merchandise to get out of his grip. Run to the door instantly forward. Inside you’ll see a crawling zombie, and down the corridor, a Licker ready for you on the ceiling. Now there are two methods round this: blow him off the ceiling with a Magnum shot or two, or run ahead previous the crawling zombie and let him pounce on you. If he pounces, you’ll be able to simply use a protection merchandise to get out of it — however you’ll be much less a protection merchandise (that are going to begin to turn into extraordinarily necessary very quickly). Whichever one you determine, as soon as the Licker is handled run to the left, by means of the door, and up the steps.

TOFU STRATS: You’ll be able to’t shoot the Licker in fact, so simply let him eat a knife.

You’ve virtually reached the center level of The 4th Survivor, don’t surrender! Do equip the Magnum although. Turning proper on the prime of the steps and operating down the corridor, you’ll end up greeted by none aside from Mr. X, and he’s right here to pound your face in. Cling again barely so that you’re out of arm’s attain of him, and pop him one in his wrinkly face with the Magnum. This could stagger him for a second, so rush previous to the appropriate, flip left, and get out of the Watchmen’s Room. Go proper, and there can be a zombie blocking the door to the East Workplace. Blow his head off with a shotgun, and enter the room. Run across the left aspect of the room, the place the home windows are, and cap every zombie in your strategy to the exit door with the shotgun. Don’t fear concerning the ammo, you’re attending to the ultimate stretch right here (and the 2 units of Gunpowder and Excessive-Grade Gunpowder may be combine and matched into both extra shotgun shells or extra handgun ammo and extra magnum ammo; you determine). One more reason for this sudden bloodthirst is it provides Mr. X time to catch as much as you. I do know that sounds nuts, however there’s an excellent purpose for wanting Mr. X in your tail. You don’t need him to truly get the prospect to harm you in fact, however you additionally don’t need him to get too far behind.

Exit the room, and instantly flip left, operating across the zombies as they stagger to life, after which to the correct into the RPD primary corridor. The exit is blocked, so don’t even verify it. Simply maintain operating, ignoring the zombies round you, towards the shuttered gate that results in the western aspect of the constructing, then flip proper and head up the ramp. On the prime of the ramp, there might be a zombie to the correct, Kill him as a precaution to maintain him from sucking up well being or losing a protection merchandise. Enter the room to the left.

TOFU STRATS: Mr. X is fairly arduous to keep away from right here, however there’s an opportunity you’ll be able to juke him into whiffing a punch. Transfer ahead a bit after which again up instantly, so he throws a punch and misses. Take the chance to run round him now and away. You’ll want to make use of your knives as protection gadgets a bunch right here until you will get the zombies to mill round right into a extra readily avoidable path. You must nonetheless have like two and a half rows of them by this level although, so it isn’t that huge a deal. So long as you have got at the very least 6 by the point you attain the second flooring, you ought to be good.

Run down the steps and switch utterly round, dealing with the zombie to the correct of the desk. Shoot him within the head together with your shotty, then run round the appropriate aspect of the desk and out the door. There’s a Licker right here, however for those who time this proper you’ll be able to cease operating simply as you get to the door from the West Workplace and stroll quietly ahead, with out catching the Licker’s consideration. Handle this and cost down the corridor to the appropriate and up the steps. Be certain that to not get rotated and head left from the West Workplace, although. A Plant 43 (or Ivy, no matter you wanna name them) is hanging out over there and is an immediate kill should you don’t use a protection merchandise, which might be a waste right here. Once more, for those who’ve been doing this proper, Mr. X ought to solely be a bit of methods behind you — that is important to getting out of some injury quickly.

Now right here is why I used to be telling you to maintain Mr. X tagging alongside. We’ve formally crossed the midway level, and shit’s simply going to get more durable from right here. Now, Mr. X is meant to spawn right here, on the prime of the steps with all of the zombies, and can ship an virtually unavoidable whallop. The most effective case state of affairs is you continue to have a Magnum spherical you possibly can spend on his face, however with every part happening there’s an excellent probability you’ll miss, or lose your probability because of a zombie grabbing you when you line up the shot. Nevertheless, if Mr. X has been trailing you because you first encountered him again on the primary flooring, he won’t spawn right here, supplying you with some much-needed respiration room. Should you’ve pulled this off efficiently, pop the handful of zombies with the shotgun and duck into the Locker Room to the fitting.

Now for those who’ve taken sufficient injury to get into Warning (or Hazard, which is most probably if Mr. X spawned up right here), and also you didn’t use it already, it’d be a good suggestion to make use of the First Assist spray burning a gap in your stock right here. Provides you a recent begin earlier than plowing forward into what waits forward of you. I don’t advocate utilizing the Purple+Inexperienced+Blue combine if that’s all you’ve left, although. You’ll want the protection increase later, so if that’s all you’ve obtained hopefully you’ve made it this far with out getting harm too badly.

Previous the Bathe Room, take a left and head out the door, and also you’ll see two Plant 43s guarding the hallway. Whereas they’re truthfully the scariest creature in the entire recreation (no less than for my part), courageous them and run immediately into their ready arms. As soon as they’ve a maintain of you, use a protection merchandise to rock their world, and get outta there asap. The protection merchandise ought to stagger each of them, as one collides into the opposite, in order that they shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Grasp left and run into the Lounge. The door to your left can be getting pounded on from the opposite aspect, indicating a zombie needs in. Run as much as the door’s proper aspect, so when the door bursts open, you gained’t get stun-locked by it hitting you within the face. Time this proper, and you may rush inside and previous the 2 zombies (one which simply burst by means of, and one getting up simply contained in the Library). Run to the door to the primary corridor, ignoring the our bodies that fall from the third flooring (they’re extra of a jumpscare and gained’t be an issue until you determine to hold round for some cause). Out on the second-floor balcony, flip left, then proper, operating previous the Lion Statue. There’s a canine chowing down on a zombie’s foot right here, however in the event you maintain shifting the time it takes them to get out of their animations offers you greater than sufficient room to remain out of hurt’s means. Flip proper, and make your method right down to the primary door in your left and undergo.

TOFU STRATS: Hopefully you gained’t be too tousled, since you want the additional respiration room that Pink+Inexperienced combine may give you later.

Contained in the Ready Room, you’ll see that the door on the other aspect is rattling with that telling zombie-wants-in shudder. The best choice is to attend for the door to burst open, then kill every zombie one after the other with both the shotgun or the magnum, and run out. I’ve managed to easily run round all of them, however it was type of a crap shoot and I had hassle replicating it, so that you’ll in all probability need to simply kill them when you don’t need to danger the injury. In case you used the First Assist spray again within the bathe room, you possibly can in all probability survive a chew or two right here, although, so be happy to danger it.

When you’re away from the zombies (lifeless or prevented), flip left, then proper, then left once more. A Licker waits for you subsequent to the steps and can come charging at you as quickly because it sees you. Hug the appropriate aspect wall, the place the pink hearth hose (or no matter it’s) field is, and the Licker ought to utterly miss you with its swipe. Run for the steps, and the Licker gained’t be an issue anymore.

TOFU STRATS: Let the primary zombie seize you, and protection merchandise your method outta there.

We’re getting there, associates! Can you are feeling that rigidity!? On the prime of the steps, a single zombie waits for you. Pop his dome, and head out onto the Balcony. There’s a G-Grownup to your left, so run ahead in the direction of the zombie canine, then grasp left, operating across the G-Grownup and down the ladder. Straightforward-peasy-lemon-oh god there are Lickers on the backside of this ladder.

TOFU STRATS: You possibly can’t defend towards the zombie on the prime of the steps whereas he’s on the steps. Aggro him and lead him down the steps to the touchdown between ranges. Now let him seize you, and sink a knife into his silly rotting chest.

As soon as on the backside of the ladder, cease operating; you don’t need to be a magnet for the Lickers to your left. Transfer ahead in the direction of the door, however be cautious of the 2 crawling zombies guarding it. When you attain the door, begin operating once more. It’ll take the Lickers too lengthy to catch up, they usually can’t open doorways. Comply with the hallway to the primary door on the left, and out of doors to the steps.

It’s the ultimate stretch! Be prepared to enter all-out conflict mode as there are a ton of enemies out right here. Your blood ought to be pumping by now, however fearful is not any phrase for it. Whenever you attain the underside of the steps, you’re greeted by a fence main out in the direction of the RPD Entrance, with a zombie standing subsequent to the gate. Should you nonetheless have it by now, use that Purple+Inexperienced+Blue combine you’ve been holding on to this entire time. It will utterly heal no matter wounds you’ve received and offer you a protection increase earlier than you go charging out into the ocean of undead. Obciously, it’s now time to go charging out into that sea of undead. Make your solution to the G-Grownup that comes from the appropriate, and attempt to run round him (if not, simply take his puke- it gained’t harm you anyway). Previous him, there’s a gaggle of zombies and Plant 43s collectively; run immediately into the guts of them. Whether or not you get grabbed from behind by a zombie (which gained’t harm that a lot with the protection increase lively) or from the entrance by both a zombie or a Plant 43 (by which case you must use a protection merchandise) this shouldn’t be an enormous drawback. Hell, in case you wanna play it dangerous, toss a grenade or flash grenade into the middle of them, after which go operating by way of whereas they both rain down round you or attempt to reorient themselves from the flash. Race to the steps, and pop the zombie standing on the prime with no matter you will have that occurs to be probably the most highly effective, with probably the most ammo left.

TOFU STRATS: Ahhh! That is truly type of insane as Tofu, however do principally the identical factor right here. Use that Inexperienced+Purple combine you’ve been holding on to (in the event you nonetheless have it) instantly after taking any injury when you go previous the fence (or proper earlier than, when you’re already in Hazard). Use these previous couple of protection knives to get by means of this!

You’re virtually there, dashing by means of the trail under the RPD entrance entrance. A couple of zombies populate right here, however a shotgun/magnum shot to every will take away them from the equation. Run up the steps, flip left, flip left once more, and rush for the entrance gate. Hit your work together button and also you’ve made it!

TOFU STRATS: That is actually pushing it. Attempt to run previous the zombies within the underpass, retaining on their bottom to drive them to have to show to assault. Run up the steps, flip left, flip left once more, and rush for the entrance gate. Hit your work together button and also you’ve made it!

Congratulations, Mr. Reaper. You’ve pressed by way of Resident Evil 2‘s biggest problem and lived to inform the story. Whereas HUNK’s mission is over (and his darkish cargo delivered into the palms of the Umbrella Company), Tofu might have some added causes to return as soon as full. Take residence your trophy or achievement, and know that you simply’ve mastered The 4th Survivor, pal. Keep in mind:


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