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Mordhau horses guide – horseback combat tips, how to counter mounted enemies

Horses and horseback riders are the bane of many gamers’ existence within the bigger maps of Mordhau, Triternion’s terrific medieval brawler. True to life, these lethal warhorses are extraordinarily highly effective and worthwhile belongings to your workforce, and with a talented rider they are often very troublesome to deal with. That’s, until you learn by way of all the information situated on this right here Mordhau horseback fight information. Under I’ve detailed not solely the place to seek out and easy methods to use horses to the perfect of your capability, however all the most effective methods on the subject of countering mounted enemies.

This horseback fight information is an offshoot of my foremost (and extremely in-depth) Mordhau melee fight information, so undoubtedly verify that out for those who’re after the highest recommendations on the way to defeat any participant you come throughout in single fight. And whereas I’ve acquired your consideration, why not additionally take a look at our primary Mordhau information, which is full of newbie’s explanations and superior ideas – to not point out hyperlinks to all different areas of our information collection, from Mordhau weapons and stats to probably the most highly effective Mordhau builds/loadouts, and far more.

Mordhau horseback fight information – the best way to make good use of (and counter) horses

Time to gallop full steam forward (I could also be mixing my metaphors somewhat right here) into all the perfect ideas and methods referring to horseback and mounted fight in Mordhau. Click on on any of the hyperlinks under to skip forward to a selected part.

Bill is the best horse, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Having discovered the one patch of greenery left on the map, Invoice is content material to face right here till pressured to maneuver.

Mordhau horses overview – learn how to use them, the place to seek out them

In case you’ve performed by way of Mordhau’s tutorial you’ll know absolutely the fundamentals of methods to experience a horse in Mordhau, however in case you’re like I used to be once I first began enjoying you’ll want a bit extra steerage than that with a view to excel with them. The reality is that horses are terribly highly effective and troublesome to cope with underneath sure circumstances, so long as you understand what you’re doing with them. In truth, I’d go as far as to name them barely overpowered in Mordhau’s present state. Let me clarify.

Yow will discover horses within the Frontline recreation mode (for information on all of the totally different recreation modes in Mordhau, take a look at our Mordhau recreation modes information). They will usually be discovered subsequent to sure checkpoints for each groups, they usually’re highlighted on the complete map view whenever you select the place to spawn. To journey one, merely stroll as much as it and hit the Work together button. You’ll be able to regulate your horse’s velocity by tapping “W” and “S”, and also you don’t have to hold “W” held down to ensure that it to maintain driving.

At respectable speeds, horses will deal fairly vital injury to (and interrupt the assaults of) anybody you come into contact with. This consists of friendlies, so watch out you trample over the appropriate individuals. Sure weapons, primarily poleaxe- and greatsword-esque weapons (however there are exceptions) permit you to joust with them (additionally referred to as couching). To start out your joust, merely faucet your kick button, and you’ll decrease your weapon for a time right into a place ripe for skewering these you move by. For those who hit an enemy with this then it’s a assured kill, until they block (whereupon they’re disarmed and swept off their ft). Yeah, it’s that highly effective.

You may as well strike and thrust usually with a weapon whereas on horseback, and you may even be a horse archer should you so want – however be warned which you could simply hit your personal horse in case you’re not cautious. Horses have totally different ranges of well being based mostly on the armour they’re sporting (which additionally impacts their max driving velocity, very similar to armour on gamers) – and it’s necessary to notice that your horse won’t ever heal, so it’s truly preferable for you your self to be hit than your horse (offered you don’t get unhorsed or die), as a result of you’ll be able to retreat and heal up, however your horse can’t.

Normally, horses and horseback riders excel in open areas comparable to these within the Frontline variant of Camp, they usually develop into harder to make use of to the identical impact in additional confined areas comparable to sure areas of Taiga or Mountain Peak. Now let’s take a better take a look at how one can grow to be a near-unstoppable horseman worthy of the apocalypse – whereas additionally exploring a number of the greatest methods on the subject of coping with stated horsemen.

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Mordhau horseback fight ideas – methods to kill, joust, and stay seated

Under I’ve outlined a few of the core tenets of a profitable horseback driving profession. Take note of the following pointers and also you’ll almost all the time arrive on the prime of the leaderboard everytime you discover a horse to journey.

  • Use the Spear for max jousting potential. There are many weapons that may make do if you’re jousting on horseback (which is by far probably the most highly effective factor you are able to do whereas on a horse), however none of them can match the 10-cost Spear, because of its completely excellent vary. Once you’re jousting, the injury values of the weapon don’t matter that a lot as a result of it’s just about all the time an immediate kill; and there are not any assault occasions concerned, so all you’re left with is the attain of the weapon. What’s extra, the Spear is a fantastically highly effective weapon for a footman in addition to a rider, so you need to really feel no qualms about utilizing it always throughout a Frontline match. Therefore why in my Mordhau builds/loadouts information I gave the Spear to the construct which specialises in horseback fight.
  • Study to regulate your momentum. Motion and velocity on horseback is totally different from motion on foot. All “W” and “S” do is change the velocity of your horse; you don’t have to hold “W” held down in an effort to journey forwards. They’re toggles. And provided that horses can get you into an terrible lot of hassle in the event that they get caught up on a fence or another impediment, it’s essential to study to throttle “S” and “W” on the fly to be able to regulate your horse’s velocity to be able to make tighter corners and weave out and in of hassle properly.
  • Determine and analyse potential threats early on. You’re removed from invincible on horseback. The one cause sure gamers really feel invincible whereas driving a horse is as a result of they’ve learnt to determine threats from afar and know when to decide to an assault and when to steer clear. Horses can cross distances in a short time, and most newer gamers will begin their assaults far too late; however should you see an enemy winding up their swing when you’re nonetheless two dozen metres away, you then may need to assume twice earlier than committing to your assault in case they’re capable of unhorse you or kill you altogether with that single assault.
  • Depart time to recuperate, and study when to ditch your horse. As I’ve talked about beforehand, your horse can’t heal after sustaining injury, which suggests, although they could be very highly effective creatures, they’re additionally unusually fragile. Thankfully, you possibly can heal, and when you take injury there’s completely nothing incorrect with driving someplace far out of hazard and therapeutic up earlier than returning to the fray. And also you also needs to pay fixed consideration to the well being of your horse; if it’s on a sliver, then any assault that connects will unhorse you and probably result in your dying. Typically it’s a greater concept to leap off your horse earlier than this occurs, and kill it so that a recent, full-health horse will spawn as shortly as attainable thereafter.
  • Lighter-armoured horses have the benefit in 1v1 jousts. Typically in Frontline matches you’ll discover moments the place a horseback rider from every group makes it their aim to kill the opposite. And horses are uniquely gifted at coping with different horses, as a result of the jousting mechanic permits you to ship one swift killing blow to the rider – offered you get there first. The attain of your weapon performs an element, as – in fact – does your accuracy. However the ultimate criterion which you will not have recognized about is that extra lightly-armoured horses will journey quicker and subsequently join barely faster, giving them the benefit in jousts.
  • Contemplate the Pleasant perk. This 1-cost perk is extraordinarily helpful for horseback riders, notably these not but snug on a horse, as a result of it limits the quantity of injury you by accident deal to your personal workforce. Hopefully you’ll have the ability to chorus from jousting your teammates, however even operating by means of a packed space can ship some injury to your personal kin. So, for the sake of your guilt and your teammates’ collective blood strain, I’d strongly urge you to select up the Pleasant perk in your character.
Something something long face...

Filming of this documentary is momentarily halted as one of many camp’s warhorses takes a sudden curiosity in one of many cameras.

Find out how to counter horses and horseback riders in Mordhau

Now let’s take a look at the flipside of all this, and discover a few of the best possible methods designed for placing an finish to these riders which are continually mowing you and your group down.

  • Use the Spear or Billhook towards horseback riders. On foot, in case you’re the goal of an honest enemy horseback rider then there are by no means too many choices for you. All it boils right down to is making an attempt to attach your blow first – and, in fact, one of the best device for that is once more the Spear because of its stupendous vary. The Billhook, for half the worth of the Spear, can also be an amazing anti-cavalry weapon because of its good attain (although inferior to the Spear), and its potential to tug riders straight to the bottom with a single profitable hit. In fact, when you’re not the goal of the enemy rider they usually simply occur to be shifting shut by you, any highly effective putting weapon will do: a Zweihander, Executioner’s Sword, Conflict Axe, and so on.
  • Wall up widespread driving pathways with the Toolbox’s partitions and spikes. That is probably the most highly effective device you will have on the subject of defending your group towards the incessant onslaughts of the enemy’s mounted division. Why? Properly, as I’ve alluded to beforehand, horses work greatest in extensive open areas with plenty of potential pathways for escape. They wish to hold shifting, horses do – they usually don’t very similar to having pathways blocked. Utilizing the Toolbox to put partitions and spikes will result in the enemy riders having a a lot more durable time of getting out and in of hazard.
  • Begin your assault tremendous early. For those who’re confused about how horses all the time handle to shut the space between you super-quickly, nicely… They’re horses. They’re quick. The ball’s in your courtroom right here: you’ll want to study to start out your assault extremely early, whereas the horse continues to be barely audible. What’s extra, even a horse that’s caught nonetheless can typically placed on a really sudden burst of acceleration and velocity, so you might want to study to regulate for this, and start your swing early in case they achieve this. Use drags and accels for those who discover that your timing is barely off with a strike.
  • Purpose to hit each horse and rider in the identical assault. It’s all the time the identical query – do you goal for the horse, or its rider? The horse can’t heal, however the rider might be unhorsed and killed in a single well-aimed blow, supplying you with using their horse. I are likely to purpose for each directly utilizing my Spear or no matter weapon I occur to be utilizing. A horse will usually survive the assault that may unhorse its rider – and if it doesn’t, it was on low well being and also you wouldn’t have needed it for your self anyway. Be sure to’re utilizing an implement that may cross via hit enemies to hit a number of targets directly, and goal to hit each with each assault.
  • Use ranged weapons when you’re correct with them. I’ve spent a substantial amount of time on horseback, and let me inform you, there’s nothing worse than an correct longbowman or crossbowman who has it in for you. You’ll be able to’t actually blame them, as a result of horses are sometimes the best threats on the battlefield, so in the event that they’re aiming for you on a regular basis it simply means their priorities are straight as their arrows. But when an excellent horseback rider is inflicting your staff grief, contemplate switching to a ranged loadout subsequent workforce you spawn – so long as you’re correct, in fact. In any other case you’re greatest suited to only staying a footman.

I feel that’s sufficient in the intervening time. Basically, horses might be devastating instruments on the battlefield, notably in matches with fewer gamers; however there are methods to defend towards their methods, as you’ve hopefully learnt. Now get skewering!