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inFAMOUS First Light Trophy Guide & Challenges – PS4Trophies Gaming

infamous first light trophy guide roadmap

infamous first light trophy guide roadmap



  • Estimated trophy problem: four/10
  • Offline trophies: 25 (61171)
  • On-line trophies:
  • Approximate period of time to platinum: 6-10 hours
  • Minimal variety of playthroughs: 1
  • Variety of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does problem have an effect on trophies?: No, you’ll be able to play the story on straightforward. Area has no problem choice.


1 Noble Achievement Noble Achievement 
Gather all Trophies


2 Infamous first light Lost Misplaced
Endure a Loss

Story Associated, can’t be missed.


3 Infamous first light Cracked Cracked
Endure a Deception

Story Associated, can’t be missed.


4 Infamous first light Betrayed Betrayed
Expertise a Double-cross

Story Associated, can’t be missed.


5 Infamous first light She's Ready She’s Prepared
Full the story of inFAMOUS First Mild™

Story Associated, can’t be missed.


6 Infamous first light Illuminated Illuminated 
Gather all Neon Lumens

Neon Lumens are scattered throughout Seattle. They’re principally up within the air and would require you to leap off a taller constructing and use your hover/air sprint to succeed in them. Use your mild velocity and bounce earlier than reaching the top of the constructing and them hover/sprint to the lumen. Early within the story, these will seem in your map.


7 Infamous first light Blackout Blackout 
Destroy all Police Drones

These are aspect missions which you could activate by going to its location on the map. The icon is identical because the trophy picture. When you activate the mission, you will notice the drone by means of a safety digital camera. You will have to find out it’s location via the digital camera after which merely shoot it. It is going to be inside the white circle space.

8 Infamous first light Lickety Pronto Lickety Pronto 
Full all Lumen Races

Luman races are aspect missions and the trophy icon is identical icon on the Seattle map. These mission would require you to chase a white lumen. Maintain down the circle button for mild velocity and use the purple fuel clouds to offer you a lift. These would require you to undergo the clouds to realize sufficient velocity to catch as much as the lumen. Every one will reward you with 2 Talent Factors once you catch them.

9 Infamous first light That's So Fetch That’s So Fetch 
Full all Neon Graffiti

These are the missions in Seattle that require you to color (utilizing your neon) a picture on the aspect of construction. That is just like the portray Delsin does in Second Son.

10 Infamous first light Unleashed Unleashed 
Buy each Improve

To buy each improve, you will have to gather each lumen and full each problem. Finishing challenges will award you with talent factors. Hit the choices button and you may tab over to upgrades to buy upgrades. See Perfectionist for details about the challenges.

11 Infamous first light Novice Novice 
Full 25% of all Challenges

See Perfectionist 

12 Infamous first light Professional Skilled 
Full 50% of all Challenges

See Perfectionist 

13 Infamous first light Expert Skilled 
Full 75% of all Challenges

See Perfectionist 

14 Infamous first light Perfectionist Perfectionist 
Full all the Challenges within the Recreation

The sport contains a lengthy listing of challenges. The challenges require you to finish a sure variety of duties, typically kill x variety of enemies a selected approach. There are 96 challenges There are three forms of challenges. Seattle, Native Area and International Challenges. The Seattle ones may be achieved through the story or after you full the story in free roam. The Native Area challenges may be accomplished within the Alpha, Beta and Gamma arenas and there are challenges in every the Rescue and Survival maps. The breakdown is as follows:


  • Don’t Shoot and Drive – Defeat 10 Drive-by Shootings
  • The Negotiator – Save 10 Hostages in Seattle
  • Not that Armored – Deafeat 10 D.U.P APC’s

Alpha Area – Rescue

  • Alpha Rescue Bronze – Rating 10okay
  • Alpha Rescue Silver – Rating 50okay
  • Alpha Rescue Gold – Rating 100okay
  • Alpha Rescue Platinum – Rating 250okay
  • Alpha Rescue Diamond – Rating 500okay ( Alpha Rescue Diamond )

Alpha Area – Survival

  • Alpha Survival Bronze – Rating 10okay
  • Alpha Survival Silver – Rating 50okay
  • Alpha Survival Gold – Rating 100okay
  • Alpha Survival Platinum – Rating 250okay
  • Alpha Survival Diamond – Rating 500okay (Alpha Survival Diamond )

Beta Survival – Survival

  • Beta Survival Bronze – Rating 10okay
  • Beta Survival Silver – Rating 50okay
  • Beta Survival Gold – Rating 100okay
  • Beta Survival Platinum – Rating 250okay
  • Beta Survival Diamond – Rating 500okay ( Beta Survival Diamond )
  • Turret Whisperer – Overload three Turrets
  • Turret Tickler – Overload 10 Turrets
  • Turret Syndrome – Overload 25 Turrets ( Turret Syndrome )
  • Surf’s Up – Survive 20 Waves
  • Cowabunga! – Survive 30 Waves

Beta Area – Rescue

  • Alpha Rescue Bronze – Rating 10okay
  • Alpha Rescue Silver – Rating 50okay
  • Alpha Rescue Gold – Rating 100okay
  • Alpha Rescue Platinum – Rating 250okay
  • Alpha Rescue Diamond – Rating 500okay ( Beta Rescue Diamond )

Gamma Area – Survival

  • Gamma Survival Bronze – Rating 10okay
  • Gamma Survival Silver – Rating 50okay
  • Gamma Survival Gold – Rating 100okay
  • Gamma Survival Platinum – Rating 250okay
  • Gamma Survival Diamond – Rating 500okay ( Gamma Survival Diamond )
  • Survivor – Survive 10 Waves
  • Gladiator – Survive 20 Waves
  • Champion – Survive 30 Waves

Rescue Area Challenges (Can solely be accomplished in Alpha and Beta Rescue Maps)

  • Pal of the Individuals – three Hostages Saved
  • Guardian – 10 Hostages Saved
  • Good Samaritan – 20 Hostages Saved
  • Shield and Serve- 30 Hostages Saved
  • Nice Duty – 50 Hostages Saved (Nice Duty )
  • Disaster Averted – Save 5 Hostages with out letting them lose any well being
  • Overkill – Save a hostage with a Neon Singularity

International Challenges may be achieved in free roam or Area (Word: Sure enemy varieties aren’t out there in each area map)

Fight Actions

  • Canine Struggle! – Defeat 25 airborne enemies whereas within the air
  • Make it Rain – Defeat 25 grounded Enemies whereas within the air
  • Duck Hunt – Defeat 25 leaping enemies
  • Mild ‘Em Up! – Defeat 50 Enemies with a Tremendous Bolt (Blue shard drop from the power-up drones)
  • Who Left These Right here? – Defeat 50 enemies with detonated ammo dumps (shoot explosive crates to kill enemies)


  • Bullseye! – 25 Weakpoint kills
  • Sharpshooter – 50 Weakpoint kills
  • Truesniper – 100 Weakpoint kills
  • The Skilled – 250 Weakpoint kills
  • Triple Takedown – Hit three weakpoints earlier than the main target timer expires
  • Sting Like a Bee – Hit 5 weakpoints earlier than the main target timer expires
  • Checkmate – Defeat a Bishop by hitting its weakpoint
  • I Know Your Secret- 10 Summoner weakpoint kills (flying enemies with 2 balls floating round him. Shoot these balls for weakpoint kill)
  • Turncoat – Defeat 10 enemies utilizing enslaved enemies (requires Enslave talent)
  • Minion Maker – Defeat 20 enemies utilizing enslaved enemies


  • Dying From Above – 25 comet drop kills
  • Puncherod – 100 melee kills
  • Sucker Punch(es) – 10 consecutive melee kills
  • KD Queen – 20 consecutive melee kills
  • Hulked Out – Defeat 50 enemies with a melee finisher

Neon Singularity

  • Occasion Horizon – Defeat 100 enemies with a neon singularity (Occasion Horizon )
  • Godlike – Defeat 20 enemies with a single neon singularity

Stasis Blast

  • A Robust Gust – Blast three enemies off a platform (use Stasis Blast)
  • Goal Follow – three Stasis + Weakpoint Kills
  • Accidents Occur – Blast 15 enemies off a platform
  • Fetchouken! – Blast 30 enemies off a platform
  • Fish in a Barrel – 25 Stasis + weakpoint kills (Fish in a Barrel )
  • Pull! Defeat 5 Enemies with an Airborne Ammo Dump (Use Stasis on Ammo Dump to make it airborne, then shoot with enemies round)
  • Ultraaa! – 10 stasis + melee finisher kills

Homing Missile

  • Making an Impression – Defeat three enemies with 1 missile salvo
  • Boomshakalaka! – Defeat 5 enemies with 1 missile salvo
  • Bada Bing… Defeat 10 enemies in a row with homing missiles
  • …Bada Growth! – Defeat 2o enemies in a row with homing missiles (…Bada Growth! )

Felony Enemy

  • Rat-A-Tat-Tat – Defeat 150 Thugs

D.U.P Enemy

  • Lights Out – Defeat 500 D.U.P enemies
  • Expendable  – Defeat 150 D.U.P pawns
  • Night time, Knight – Defeat 150 D.U.P Knights
  • Rookie Transfer – Defeat 25 D.U.P Rocks
  • Defend Breaker – Defeat 25 D.U.P Bishops
  • Tremendous Protection Farce – Defeat 50 D.U.P Tremendous Pawns
  • Brute Squad – Defeat 25 D.U.P Tremendous Rooks

Nightmare Enemy 

  • The First Nightmare – Defeat 20 Demon Enemies
  • You Want Remedy – Defeat 250 Demon Enemies
  • Unholy – Defeat 50 Fallen Angels
  • Exorcist – Defeat 50 Night time Terrors
  • De-Summoner – Defeat 25 Summoner Enemies
  • That’s Wraithist – Defeat 50 Wraith Enemies
  • Arachnophobia – Defeat 100 Swarmer Enemies

International Rating

  • Millionaire – Earn a complete of 1,000,000 Factors
  • Prime of the Class – Earn a complete of 10,000,000 Factors (Mixed rating from all area performs) (Prime of the Class) 


15 Infamous first light  Alpha Rescue Diamond Alpha Rescue Diamond 
Obtain a rating of 500,000 factors

Earlier than doing this or any of the world trophies, I extremely advocate you get all of the lumen and full all of the challenges in free roam Seattle first. After you have received all of the talent factors potential in free roam, get as many talent factors as attainable within the area maps. Every map has a variety of particular challenges you’ll be able to full to earn talent factors. Additionally, you will within the course of earn most of the international challenges as properly. After you have many upgrades (all of them usually are not vital), then you’ll be able to attempt to get the world associated trophies. I extremely advocate maxing out the Homing Missile and Mild Velocity timber earlier than the others.

Rescue mode requires you to save lots of hostages. When one seems on the map, shortly go to them and kill the encompassing enemies after which rescue the hostage by touching him. In the event you let a 5 hostages die otherwise you your self die, you’ll have to begin over. To succeed in 500,000 factors, you need to construct up your multiplier. You do this by killing enemies. the multiplier will go down for those who both let a hostage die, or in the event you haven’t hit an enemy after a brief time period. To maintain the multiplier up, you solely have to hit an enemy. Killing them isn’t mandatory. Since you’ll have to make it to later rounds the place it will get a bit loopy, make good use of your velocity and hold shifting. Ideally across the outdoors of the world and make good use of your homing missiles. You’ll have to refill your homing missile ammo commonly by draining neon. Don’t overlook about your singularity blast as properly once you get in hassle.

For a few of the harder enemies, capturing them with a stasis blast will make them weak to a straightforward neon bolt kill and if in case you have the melee tree absolutely upgraded, a melee finisher will even destroy any close by enemies.


16 Infamous first light Alpha Survival Diamond Alpha Survival Diamond 
Obtain a rating of 500,000 factors

Survival mode simply requires you to outlive as many waves as attainable. The Alpha arean doesn’t have any challenges tied to finishing a sure variety of rounds, so your solely aim is to attain 500,000 factors. Sometimes there shall be energy up drones that may seem on the map. You’ll see these as bigger white circles on the mini map. Whenever you shoot one, certainly one of 4 totally different energy up blast shards will fall from the drone. Every of the facility ups provides you with a short lived buff. They’re

  1. Inexperienced – Limitless Melee Finishers
  2. Purple – Invulnerability
  3. Blue – Tremendous Shot (upgrades neon bolts utilizing your common assault. They’re stronger)
  4. Yellow – Multiplier improve

Getting the yellow bonus will in fact show you how to obtain a better rating however most significantly might be you sustaining your personal multiplier by hitting enemies regularly. To assist survive into later rounds, make good use of your homing missiles as these can take out enemies from throughout the map with out a lot aiming required in your half. They’re robust and lethal. Transfer across the outdoors of the map firing off the homing missiles and recharging your provide by draining neon typically. Keep in mind that neon are maked with purple dots on the mini map. In case you are low on well being, draining neon will heal you.


17 Infamous first light Beta Rescue Diamond Beta Rescue Diamond 
Obtain a rating of 500,000 factors

This is identical because the Alpha Rescue Diamond trophy. Use the identical technique. The one factor that may change is the map. This Beta area is way extra open and you may take injury from enemies which might be a lot additional away resulting from the truth that there are much less buildings blocking their goal. As with all arenas, staying on the transfer together with your Mild Velocity will guarantee your survival.


18 Infamous first light Beta Survival Diamond Beta Survival Diamond 
Obtain a rating of 500,000 factors

Scoring 500,000 factors for this trophy shouldn’t be your primary focus if you’d like the platinum on this recreation. Prime of the Class requires you to finish all challenges and one of many challenges tied particularly to this map is to outlive 30 waves of enemies. Will probably be almost unimaginable, if not utterly unimaginable, to outlive 30 waves with out scoring a minimum of half one million factors. Once more, you’re going to make use of the identical technique you used for the Alpha Survival Diamond Trophy. Maintain shifting together with your mild velocity, and transfer between drain places and spam your homing missiles.

There’s one further problem on this map. These are the turrets. The excellent news is you can run up behind them and overload them. It will make the turret struggle for you. The dangerous information is that you simply don’t need to be standing within the line of fireside of 1. As quickly as you see one among these pop up on the map, attempt your greatest to overload it shortly. For those who can’t get to it, destroying it’s a legitimate choice.  Maintain shifting, be careful for turrets and spam the homing missiles and you need to have the ability to full the problem for reaching wave 30 in addition to getting over 500,000 factors.


19 Infamous first light Gamma Survival Diamond Gamma Survival Diamond 
Obtain a rating of 500,000 factors

Use the very same technique as you used for the earlier two survival maps. This map goes to get loopy and can refill with enemies fairly shortly and there can be many enemies that may spawn on platforms up above you. Additionally, you will get extra demon enemies as properly. Making well timed makes use of of y our singularity will go a great distance on this map.


20 Infamous first light Turret Syndrome Turret Syndrome 
Overload 25 Turrets

The turrets could be discovered within the Survival Beta map very often. To overload a turret, simply run up behind them and hit your touchpad. After you have executed this 25 occasions, you’ll full a problem in addition to earn this trophy.

21 Infamous first light Great Responsibility Nice Duty 
50 Hostage Saves

You’ll save greater than sufficient hostages within the rescue within the Alpha and Beta arenas. Simply maintain enjoying these two modes and you’ll get the trophy. To save lots of them, kill the encompassing enemies after which contact the hostage to save lots of them.

22 Infamous first light Top of the Class Prime of the Class 
Earn a complete of 10,000,000 factors

This can be a mixed rating from each area match you play. Simply maintain replaying them and you’ll ultimately get this and almost definitely whereas engaged on all of the challenges and area Diamond trophies.

23 Infamous first light Event Horizon Occasion Horizon 
Defeat 100 Enemies with a Neon Singularity

You’ll both get this whereas enjoying the primary story or throughout your area matches.  This shall be onerous to overlook until you select to by no means use Singularity. Singularity can solely be carried out upon getting crammed up the meter circle on the highest left of your display. Fill it by killing enemies. As soon as crammed, activate singularity by hitting down on the D-Pad

24 Infamous first light ...Bada Boom! …Bada Growth! 
Defeat 20 Enemies in a row with Homing Missiles

You will get this throughout the primary story, however it’ll be a lot simpler (and faster) to do that in Area. Whenever you first purchase your homing missile means, you possibly can solely carry 2 missiles. Expertise utilized to the homing missile tree will improve this to four. After you have used your provide of missiles, you will have to empty neon to refill it. Simply kill 20 enemies in a row earlier than killing them in another technique for this trophy.

25 Infamous first light Fish in a Barrel Fish in a Barrel 
25 Stasis + Weakpoint Kills

Stasis is carried out by capturing or holding and releasing L1. It will put the enemies in a floating bubble. Whereas within the bubble you’ll need to shot them in a weak spot through the use of Laser Focus. Maintain L2 to activate the main target and you will notice the weakpoints on the enemy. Kill them by hitting their weakpoint whereas they’re in a stasis bubble 25 occasions to earn this trophy. As soon as once more, you are able to do this within the story or within the Area.