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Apex Legends Octane guide (Season 1) – abilities, hitbox, Octane tips and tricks

Season 1 is right here, and main the cost is Octane – the brand new character for Apex Legends, and probably the most cellular Legends we’ve but seen. The trailer under describes Octane as with the ability to run rings round enemies, and, having performed as a lot as attainable of him since Season 1’s launch, they’re definitely on the cash. This may simply be my new favorite character, and our Apex Legends Octane information will aid you to raised perceive his talents and the high- ahem, –octane playstyle you’ll have to undertake with him to succeed.

For full particulars and opinions on all the characters collectively, check out our Apex Legends characters information for absolutely up to date particulars. Alternatively, should you’re in search of a targeted information like this one however on a special Legend, then merely check out the desk under and click on on a hyperlink to be taken to the hero of your selection. All these guides are absolutely updated and prepared for Season 1.

Apex Legends Octane information – ideas, stats, talents

Octane brings a number of new issues to the desk when it comes to talents, a few of which we find out about forward of time because of current pre-Season 1 leaks, however now we’ve had an opportunity to see precisely how he performs. And there’s so much to speak about. Be happy to skip forward to a selected part utilizing the hyperlinks under.

Octane information overview – character strengths and weaknesses

The place to start with Octane? He’s probably the most mobility- and sheer speed-focused Legend we’ve but had, beating out Wraith and Pathfinder merely with the convenience and frequency with which he can utilise his Stim Tactical to race throughout King’s Canyon. He’s the brand new tip of the spear when it comes to workforce composition; Octane’s position is to all the time be barely forward of his group, first into fight, and first out once more – or first to die.

The trade-off of his Tactical, sacrificing well being for motion velocity, is a model new system for Apex Legends talents, however from what we’ve discovered up to now it’s properly balanced, permitting you to play both with warning, solely utilizing Stim earlier than or throughout an encounter (I wouldn’t advocate this), or with reckless abandon, Stimming up each few seconds as you loot up and search for enemies (and let’s face it, the latter is what Octane would need).

It’s additionally pretty straightforward to speak about Octane’s strengths and weaknesses because of the sacrificial facet of this Tactical potential. His power is that he’s the quickest character, and a scary presence throughout a battle. Fights can simply be gained in six seconds in Apex,  which suggests everything of an encounter might be spent making an attempt to get a single shot to land on this crazed drugged-up velocity demon. But when used on the improper second or too steadily, Octane’s diminished well being will let him down, and his Final is admittedly not that sensible throughout fights, so should you Stim too exhausting you’ll don’t have anything to fall again on.

Click on the above picture to view it at highest decision.

Octane hitbox vs different Legends

With the arrival of Season 1, Respawn haven’t solely added a brand new character with a brand new hitbox, however they’ve additionally adjusted the hitboxes of Pathfinder, Caustic, and Gibraltar so as to extra precisely match their character fashions. Which means the above picture, taken from YouTuber “SookieSpy“, is not totally correct. However it appears as if the overall order of hitbox sizes right here continues to be correct, with Wraith and Lifeline being the smallest, and Gibraltar and Caustic nonetheless the most important.

Octane is but to be correctly examined by the Apex Legends playerbase, however his diminutive body possible places him alongside the identical scale as Lifeline or Bloodhound. This, mixed together with his trademark velocity, makes him a robust candidate for hardest Legend to land photographs on, even giving the slippery Wraith a run for her cash.

Octane talents information

Octane’s talents make for some fascinating new techniques we’ve not but seen in Apex Legends. Like all characters, he has entry to 3; one Passive, which is all the time (is that this case almost all the time) in impact; one activatable Tactical capacity, and one Final means which requires charging over time. Let’s take a better take a look at every potential in flip and the way greatest to make use of them.

Passive capacity: Swift Mend

Identify Description
Swift Mend Mechanically restores well being over time.

Octane’s Passive is troublesome to speak about with out additionally describing Octane’s Tactical, because the two are designed to work in tandem greater than any two different talents in Apex Legends. It’s a easy and really helpful Passive that regenerates 1 Well being (not Shields, simply Well being) each 2 seconds. You might discover that within the earlier leaks, this potential had the caveat that it will solely work when not in fight; and this does nonetheless look like the case, although it’s not talked about. When you’re broken, there’s a couple of seconds’ delay earlier than the heal will reactivate.

zero.5 HP per second is, in fact, nothing to put in writing residence about, and it gained’t prevent throughout a battle, however it lets you use your Tactical rather more freely, and it lets you preserve therapeutic gadgets corresponding to Syringes and Med Kits for extra dire circumstances. It’s a pleasant little Passive potential since you don’t should concern your self with it such as you would with, say, Wraith’s Passive. It simply does its factor, letting you get on with bouncing throughout the map and operating rings round enemies.

Passive Capability Ideas

  • Swift Mend doesn’t heal you for a short while after you’re taking injury.
  • The heal additionally doesn’t replenish your Well being while you’re utilizing your Tactical, Stim; nevertheless it does reactivate instantly after the Stim has worn off.
  • Whereas Knocked, should you’ve been broken by enemies, you’ll slowly regain your “knocked Well being”. Nevertheless, it gained’t cease you from bleeding out, as a result of that may be a separate mechanism out of your Well being whereas knocked.
  • Don’t depend on this means to get you out of a decent spot, as a result of the heal per second isn’t robust sufficient to make sure survival towards enemies.

Tactical capacity: Stim

Identify Velocity improve Period Cooldown Description
Stim 30% 6s 2s (after impact ends) Transfer 30% quicker for six seconds. Prices well being to make use of.

Stim is Octane’s absolute bread-and-butter capability, and I’m gonna inform you proper now that with a view to use it correctly, you must study to not be afraid of getting low Well being. You could assume Well being is extra essential than Velocity, however in Apex Legends that’s not true; velocity is simply as necessary for survival as Well being (in some instances, extra so). Don’t be afraid to spam this Tactical a number of occasions in a row as you’re looting up throughout moments of downtime, or throughout a battle.

I really like this capability. A 30% motion velocity bonus is very large (it matches Bangalore’s Passive velocity bonus, for reference), and you may activate it each eight seconds – that’s, it has a 2-second cooldown after its 6-second period has elapsed. So in case you use it correctly, you possibly can spend almost the whole thing of a battle at 130% velocity, which lets you completely fly round corners and throughout plains or corridors. It’s a scary factor to see that metal-legged speedster dashing in the direction of you with Peacekeeper in hand, I’m telling you.

It takes away 10 Well being every time, which suggests should you hold spamming it the second you’re in a position then your Passive Swift Mend gained’t be capable of counteract the Well being lower. However once more, don’t let that cease you from utilizing it lots. There’s a cause that cooldown is so low; so you possibly can have enjoyable spending nearly all of your time sprinting and sliding like loopy.

Tactical Capacity Ideas

  • You can’t kill your self with Octane’s Stim. For those who use it with 10 Well being or much less, then you definitely’ll all the time be left at 1 Well being.
  • Chain collectively Stims at first of a match to hurry up your early looting part. Sprint between homes on the velocity of sunshine.
  • You need to use Stim whereas therapeutic or reloading, identical to Bangalore’s Smokes.
  • Bunny Hopping is even quicker and extra helpful whereas Stim is lively. When you’re unsure how one can Bunny Hop, take a look at our Apex Legends superior motion information.
  • Watch out if there are enemies close by within the early-game, although, since you’ll in all probability have both a white Physique Defend or no Shields in any respect, and Well being is all you will have.
  • Octane’s Stim permits you to transfer quicker with a gun than different characters can run whereas holstered.
  • Octane’s Passive won’t heal you while you’re Stimming, so that you’ll want to offer your self time to heal between Stims to replenish your Well being.
  • Make use of the velocity bonus. I’ve already seen Octane’s Stimming as much as attain an encounter, after which kind of standing nonetheless through the struggle itself. 130% motion velocity permits you to dance round and A/D spam like loopy whereas firing, so reap the benefits of it.

Final capability: Launch Pad

Identify Cost Time Description
Launch Pad 1m 30s Deploy a bounce pad that catapults teammates via the air.

Octane’s Final is the power of his we’re all most acquainted with by now, because of Respawn silently including a couple of Launch Pads into the sport previous to Season 1 round Market. It’s a reasonably simple mobility-focused Final; when activated, you’ll throw down a Launch Pad in entrance of you very similar to Gibraltar’s Dome (although you possibly can truly throw the Launch Pad surprisingly far), and after that the Launch Pad persists and is useable by anybody, pal or foe alike.

What’s good concerning the Launch Pads is that they’re fairly predictable. They’ll all the time ship you straight ahead in precisely the course you’re dealing with once you stroll over it. You should use it pretty simply to cowl distance shortly, to provoke, escape, or just to outrun the Apex Legends Ring. It’s very similar to Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun Final when it comes to when it’s helpful, and in addition as a result of, like Pathfinder’s Ult, it might profit the entire workforce, and can persist.

Fact be informed, it’s not a splendidly sensible means. I enormously favor talents which you’ll be able to depend on that will help you whereas in fight. Wraith’s Portals are higher in just about each means than these Launch Pads, apart from the truth that Octane’s Ult predictably has a decrease charge-up time. Nevertheless it’s definitely enjoyable to bounce across the map, and as time goes on gamers will in all probability uncover all types of distinctive options and quirks of this potential when combining it with others. We’ve already found a number of under, have a learn.

Final Capability Ideas

  • To bounce greater and additional on a Launch Pad, it is best to bounce simply as you go over the Launch Pad. When timed proper, the momentum of your leap will ship you an excellent 30% larger and additional.
  • Putting a Launch Pad on a decline or incline akin to a hill or stairs has completely no bearing on the trajectory or momentum of your bounce.
  • Knocked down gamers can bounce on Launch Pads, which suggests you possibly can place one down to assist transfer a knocked teammate out of hazard.
  • Throwables resembling Grenades and even Bangalore’s Final will bounce atop these Launch Pads, permitting you to throw them additional (when you’re correct sufficient with them!)
  • When positioned under a Wraith portal, gamers who exit by way of that portal will truly exit a brief distance from the portal, somewhat than proper on the portal as typical. I’m unsure how that is helpful, however there you go.
  • Every Launch Pad, as you possibly can see under, has a… very slim hitbox. So cautious the place you employ it.

Only a heads up, Octane’s ult has a really exact hitbox from r/ApexLegends

The way to play Octane – prime Octane ideas and methods

Lastly, let’s end up with some extra basic ideas and tips on profitable Apex Legends matches as Octane.

  • Don’t be afraid to have low Well being. Octane must reside life on the sting with a purpose to be used successfully. This implies a danger/reward playstyle the place chances are you’ll be caught off-guard and die shortly, however different occasions it might win you the sport. However you need to study to not deal with Octane cautiously. Reap the benefits of his Stim as a lot as potential.
  • Study to A/D spam successfully whereas beneath Stim. With a 30% motion velocity improve, your “A/D spam” can soar to ludicrous ranges of “unattainable to hit” should you’re fast sufficient. By no means keep nonetheless whereas underneath the consequences of Stim, since you’re actually simply losing the power – and your Well being.
  • Go for large flanks when wanted. Octane is incredible at repositioning earlier than your enemies even know what’s occurring. And when Stimmed, your teammates gained’t have the ability to sustain with you anyway, so be happy to go on flanks once you need. Once more, danger/reward.
  • Pair with Pathfinder and Wraith for an extremely fast and cellular staff. Earlier than, it was primarily Pathfinder who it was troublesome to maintain up with as a teammate, however now he’s discovered his match in Octane. Throw Wraith’s Portals and Phases into the combination and also you’ve acquired an extremely fast and versatile staff comp.

That’s just about every part we’ve received on Octane for now, so hopefully you’ve discovered a factor or two about how greatest to utilise his distinctive new skillset. Now what are you ready for? Season 1 is right here; get busy.