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Trove: Adventures in Alpha – Part 1

Thanks to a random number generator — and the generosity of Belghast‘s YouTube contest — I am now part of a small group of people in the alpha stage of testing for Trion’s up-and-coming title “Trove.”

In concept, Trove is very similar to other games like Minecraft and Cube World.  It’s a stylized, sandbox adventure MMO that has a core of exploration and building.  I haven’t jumped on the cube-shaped building game bandwagon before, other than the brief nod to some of the mods (Minecraft TARDIS? Yesss!) I see my family using when they play.  I have to say that from the first time I saw the dev video for Trove (the day it dropped) I was interested.  I think that not only did the team sound passionate about their product, but I have faith in the F2P model that Trion has used in the past.  I think that they are a great example of “doing it right.”  Plus, they make good games.

Jumping immediately into Trove after applying my code was interesting.  At this stage in development, there is no character customization, no classes, etc.  I popped into the sole, alpha server (which had maybe 12 other people on) and started running around on my little, blue-haired toon.  After killing a few mobs (birds and bugs and bees!) I started to play with the building aspect a bit… and, of course, tagging the world with my name so other would-be adventurers would know I was there!


Bel gave me a weapon that helped me stay alive long enough to really build some things, so the next morning I decided to build a little house on a hill.


Then I ran and ran as far as I could stand before getting bored of running (about 5,000 cubes out… though, some people have been past 50K!) and tagged a castle just ’cause… sprinkle gangsta…


I committed suicide to get back to spawn point (which is currently set since we don’t yet have our Cornerstones) and commenced with building an amazing hobbit-style dwelling.  I wish I had taken a screenie of the inside, but in this one shot you can at least see the sparkle of the fireplace through the door…


After patch # 2, the server has been a big buggy with random areas/biomes resetting to earlier points in time.  This is very sad, because my hobbit-hole was un-created.  I couldn’t bear to start over since it was a lot of building that I already had to rebuild once — thanks to someone bombing it — so I decided to make a tree-castle instead.



The Trove community seems very invested in this game so far (just read the reddit) but, like anywhere that has actual humans in it, it’s not a perfect world.  Even with less than 20 people online there always seems to be someone who is discovering that their creations have been bombed and/or items stolen.  Thankfully having our own personal, locked home areas (Cornerstones) will keep this from being such an annoyance later on.  Until then, I just shake my head at humanity and wonder why even in the smallest numbers, people can’t treat other people respectfully.

All in all, I’m having a lot of fun just messing around in the limited experience that is Trove’s alpha.  I think that being able to actually talk in-game with devs during creation is awesome, and being there from the very start of a game is an amazing thing.

I’ll be sure to post more when there is more to post, and am happy to answer any questions you might have about the game that I can!



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4 comments to Trove: Adventures in Alpha – Part 1

  • Christopher

    People suck. Despite that, I am very excited to see where this goes… I have ideas climbing out of my head about what COULD end up in a game like this, and finding out which ones do is a fun reveal to look forward to.

  • Dunno if you ever read your mail but I acctully sent you some fan art some time ago 😛

    • Bridget

      Hi Jonas, I did get that email, but wasn’t sure if it was sent from an actual reader or not… now I know! Thank you very much for the art, and I’ll be sure to check out your website. :-)